Day 7: The Night Owl

Ever since an early age I have been a night owl.

The Night Owl

Ever since an early age I have been a night owl.

Whilst there are many pleasures to be had in the daytime, I simply function better at night.

Maybe it is genetic, maybe I dislike the 9-5 working pattern but for whatever reason the night-time suits me.

When I went out on my daily walk around 8pm it felt like my brain was just getting into gear.

The music coming through my headphones felt more alive, the stars above me were breathtaking and, although it was cold, the oxygen going into my lungs was intoxicating.

It reminded me of many night-time habits I’ve had:

  • Sitting at the top of the stairs late on a Sunday night as a 7-year-old, just to listen to the sound of the opening credits to The South Bank Show.
  • Doing homework in my teens so late into the night, that I heard milk floats whirring outside my bedroom window.
  • Listening to night time radio shows – and later working on them!
  • Staying up to watch late night movies on TV (a habit I retain).

I remember feeling odd or strange for a few years until I came across a book called ‘Acquainted With The Night‘ by Canadian author Christopher Dewdney.

A fascinating read, it explores the ‘dark half of the day’, and the lives of many famous night owls, including Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill and James Joyce.

When people are young, they are often afraid of the dark but if you do have night-time tendencies, it might be worth exploring them instead of being alarmed by them.

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  • Music: “Gone” by M83 from Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
    (Gooom, 2003)
  • Reading: Knowledge is Beautiful by David McCandless (William Collins, 2014)



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